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Why people are leaving your company?

by Kaushik Dey ( Editor - Corporate Blog )

People will leave your company.

This is the ultimate truth like Sun and the universe.

But the question is why, why employees are leaving your company.

Let me tell you a short story.

Elon Musk, we all know him. When he failed to launch his rocket into the atmosphere consistently 2 times he went for 3rd time. Before going to that 3rd project he called a meeting with his all employees and told them that maybe if he failed this 3rd time then he could not able to run his company. And if anyone wants to quit then they can quit.

You know what? Not a single employee quit in spite of hearing this from Elon Musk.

The question is again why? Why they did not quit?

Because Elon Musk able to gain the confidence of his employees and most importantly his dream and his employee's dream was the same.

Now there is a problem lies in the market. As an employer, you think that whatever I want that I will get from the market. People in the market will work for me if I pay them a higher salary.

But the most important part is people are leaving your company not only for money but also some other elements.

When a person joins your company he must have a dream. Apart from salary, He may be looking for knowledge or a good environment or something else which is not related to his monthly payment.

As an employer, you have to find out what your employees are looking for.

Gather this requirement and work on this.

The moment your employees are not getting those elements, they will start finding another job.

When an employee is leaving ask that person what he did not get from your company. What are the elements he was trying to get from your organization?

Although, people will leave. You can't hold anyone or think that someone will be with you lifelong. But you need to find out the cause of leaving rather than pointing out someone else as a culprit.
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