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Real Communications

by Christina Evers ( Writer at Corporate Blog )

What are Real Communications? Real communications are any mode of telecommunications in which all users can exchange information instantly or with negligible latency or transmission delays.

Real communications are important to consumers and business customers because in the wake of the widespread adoption of smartphones they have come to expect immediacy in customer service and information exchange. For example, a passenger who has missed a connecting flight may contact the reservations center via the airline’s app while stranded at the intervening hub.

Please note with the use of smartphones, we’ve forgotten about the basic communication that used to take place in family gatherings, people are forgetting that communicating with each other is important to understand each other.

Why do we communicate?

We communicate when we want to convey our thoughts or feelings to someone, like sharing the day’s experience, good or bad during family meals, smartphones have taken over the market of communication, now it’s become so easy to communicate through our phones, using What's App, or just making a normal call. We can talk for hours over the phone, however, when you meet them you’re unsure as to what to talk about.

Life will become so blank without communication. In today’s world, if you need a job, you need to communicate, if you want to survive you need to speak, most of the candidates are rejected because they can’t express their feelings, or share their ideas, which makes it difficult for the recruiter to select them.

In an organization communication facilitates the flow of information and understanding between different people and departments through different media using all the channels and networks, it could be a team meeting, company dinner or outing, or even a trip. This flow of information is Vital for the Management to work along with the employees, this helps in decision making and also during the time of appraisal.

If you need help, you need to communicate, be it home, office, or any public place, in today’s world if you want to survive you need to learn the art of communication. Communication also helps understand people better and removes all sorts of misunderstanding, it brings clarity to one’s thoughts and ideas.

If you communicate if brings to closer to people, family, and friends, we must communicate for better understanding and for that you also need to be an active listener, there are times we communicate and understand only what we want to understand, however, to understand the feeling of the other person, we need to listen actively. Through communication you can coordinate and manage the different departments in an organization, you can learn Management skills, help people prepare for different tasks, you can also develop good human relations, you can share your ideas with others.

When you communicate your planning becomes easy, you have better clarity, it helps you to coordinate in a better way, whatever information you collect through communication, it helps you in better decision making, as communication facilitates access to important information, which is required to make better decisions. Communication Provides Effective Leadership, it helps you to manage your subordinates and team in a better and professional way, it helps them to exchange their ideas as well, without being judged, if you as a Manager can be a good communicator, your subordinates will look up to you for advice and suggestions, this way you can lead your team to achieve the organizations' goal. An effective communicator instills confidence in himself with a positive attitude, which also helps in inspiring one’s co-worker.

Lack of effective communication renders an organization handicapped. So to have effective communication one must follow certain principles, like Clarity, Adequacy and Consistency, Integration, Feedback, Need for communication channels, Attention.

It is human Psychology that they watch and learn from their superiors and respond accordingly, following the above principles shall make communication effective, minimize human misunderstandings and help in overall efficiency.

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