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Ray of Hope

by Rupanwita Roy, writer at Corporate Blog

Ray of Hope – 1

Hi Folks!

First and foremost – hope everyone, reading this is fit and fine – both physically and mentally.

I am your plain jane friend, Rupanwita. I am simple, hence I easily get attracted, rather melted by simple incidents, and every time I come across such incidents, I find a ray of hope and happiness that make me feel alive. Through this column, I would like to take you through these real-life incidents and I would feel extremely delighted if that can touch your hearts, as much as they touched mine.

It was the winter of 2020. One of the few January nights when the temperature drips and makes blankets our best friends. That day, I had a lot of work in an office, hence got late. So late, that I had to take the last metro to reach my home at Dumdum.

For obvious reasons, I was tired, irritated, agitated, and wanted to reach home as early as possible. Now, there is an underpass at Dumdum, one that is on my way home. And, It was at that dump underpass, I met her.

An old, fragile lady, in her… mid-eighties… she was wearing a dirty white cotton saree, had a thick spectacle, a side of which had a black thread to keep the spectacle steady on the nose. She had dirty cotton stole around her, which was absolutely not okay for that cold night. The time I saw her, she was preparing to sleep, on a flex.

Her overall appearance was something that melted me… The me, who was wearing a thick ‘branded’ sweater and was still feeling cold. But this lady… this aged lady…

Slowly, I moved towards her. Hearing my heavy footsteps, she looked up and gave me a toothless smile.

I was perplexed and brought a hundred rupee note out from my purse to offer her.

The old lady looked at me and grinned. And said, “I don’t need money ‘maa’, I had food to eat…”

I was sure that she misunderstood me, and to clarify her, I told ‘No dida (granny), this is for you…”

She smiled again and said “I got some food, but there are many people who could not manage to eat… Can you please help them maa?” with a pleading voice.

I was stunned. She was a beggar, someone who had nothing, probably apart from her dirty torn saree and the shawl that she was wearing, which were inadequate to keep her warm…

But she did not need anything. She had a heart that was big and warm. She had a smile that could melt anyone. She was the inspiration I needed to cure my irritated soul.

We actually need this much to make the difference.

A warm heart and being a little selfless at times.

That is all … to bring out the smile on faces…and melt hearts!

Well, I found my sunshine on a cold January night. A night that taught me, the best gift often comes in the most unexpected way, and changes live forever!

Have you met anyone who had this kind of long-lasting impression on your life? If yes, I would love to know about that .

Till then, adios, amigos and amigas!

Rupanwita Roy

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