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Gratitude is Always the Best Attitude

by Sainee Podder , author Corporateblog

Let the thorns know they are important for the rose,
Let the storms know they are important for the rain,
Let the mud knows they are the reason why the lotus blooms so gracefully,
Let the rotten grapes know how they gift such divine taste to the wines!

Not always do you succeed in making a noticeable difference in someone’s life. But that doesn’t mean the little effort you’ve made to offer a pinch of warmth shouldn’t be recognized! How often do you remember the coach who trained the famous cricketer to deliver such spectacular performances? Or the chef who cooks the tempting delicacies in your favourite restaurant? The guy who lives in the street and sings a melancholy song that comforts you in your sleepless nights or the tea seller who never forgets to give you that special sugar-free black tea every morning?

Being thankful isn’t just a practice of leading a good life. Rather, it’s a perspective of life. Noticing every single effort made by all the people around you to better your lives isn’t easy but, trying it can certainly add more value to your life. The reason why it’s important is it lets us embrace the positive things of our lives for which we should be thankful to everyone around.

Days aren’t the same always and so you will always encounter both good and bad times in life. The one who always leads her life with a grateful heart can have many good things to think about that would spread positivity all around. But the one with a shallow and ungrateful heart won’t have much to think about that can serve as the fuel to get her through the distressing times.

From the Almighty God to our Mother Nature, from our parents to our siblings, from our bosom friends to our supportive colleagues, from our maid at home to the watchman who gifts us a peaceful sleep at night, all of them deserve a Big Thanks to brighten our lives every day. They don’t always seek for any appreciation or reward and perform their duties at their best to gift you the best version of your day. So, be thankful for the experiences you had, the endeavours you have embarked and the possibilities you are about to explore as that’s the key to wake up with an enthusiastic heart every morning while humming the lovely song “What a wonderful world!”

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