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Get the real candidate from the interview

Updated: Apr 28

Most of the time people who are coming for the interview are either over smart or try to be a person who knows everything. Although it is so much important to select the perfect person for your company from the interview.

Get the Real Candidate from the interview.

But how?

This question may have thousands of answers but one thing is common in those answers. Most of us invade with our questions to the candidate in the interview room to get the perfect candidate for our company or organization. Nowadays interviewer speaks most of the time rather than the interviewee.

As an experienced person with last 18 years market study on Recruitment, I am telling you, this is not possible. You will not get any perfect person for your organization.

Here are the following points you need to go through as a reference -

One - If there is a JD there must be a candidate. It means, if you are thinking of a position then there must be a candidate related to that JD in the market. The problem is to find that person and convince him for your offer.

Two - No candidate will match with your JD 100%. It means if you are lucky and get that person whose KRA is matching with your JD or expectation yet that candidate will not fit 100% with your organization. If the candidate's profile is matching at least 70% with your JD then it is more than enough. Ask that person for an interview.

Three - The interview is not any technical ground or war zone where you have to win as an interviewer. This is the ground where you always pray to lose the game and expect the opponent (interviewee )must win. Which does not happen to most of us.

We start with technical questions or sales achievement questions.

A person may have so much knowledge on that ground which you are asking him but maybe that day he faced a major problem in his family or he is not with his form on that day. He could not able to answer your questions and you reject that candidate.

This is majorly happening in the market but how to know that the person who is sitting in front of you is the right candidate for your company?

Ask him not about his own achievements but yours. What is he knows about your company, about you or about the achievements of your company?

A person who is serious about his job or carrier must have gone through your website or your social media page and gathered information about you and your company and if he achieves at least 70% right answers to your questions then BANG ON. He is the guy you are looking for.

Hire him.

Unfortunately, you will get so fewer amount of candidates like this in the market. Don't forget, you need 40% candidate like this in your company who will hold the fundament of your organization.
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