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Don't Ignore anyone

By Kaushik Dey ( Editor - Corporate Blog )

I remember my old days, back in 2003 when I started my job as an admin in a food chain company. I used to talk with a lot of people at that time. They had different queries and problems. They were looking for a solution from me. After doing that job 3 months I was frustrated . I went to my boss and told, it's completely insane to reply the same answer to everyone regarding the same problem. We should have software which will help us to reply to them.

Do you know what my boss told to me ?

"Interact with people. This is the fundament of your job."

I could not understand the inner meaning at that time of this. Later on after 17 years I have understood why it is important to interact with people.

The more interaction means the more experience you are gaining. Because people are different and their problems and queries will be different. They are like the exam paper for you. Whatever questions they are asking you these are all questions to pass the test in your professional career.

I heard a story of a typewriter salesman who used to sell typewriter machine in UK just after the 2nd world war. He was thrown out of every office because his machine was not that good and that was so expensive.

One day he was standing at a bus stop and he saw a person to whom he went last day with his machine. He was also kick him out from his office yesterday. But yet that person approached that person and asked him to buy one typewriter from him. He also told the USP of his machine.

Do you know what happened after that?

That person was the CEO of a new company where he joined that day only. He was impressed with that salesperson and ordered 100 typewriters on spot.

This happened because that salesman never stopped interacting with people.

You never know where your opportunity is waiting for you. You never know which person will change your day. Thus, interact with people as much as you can in whatever profession you are in.

End of the day we all are bounded with a chain system - never forget this. You are a part of that chain. If you ignore any other chain then your bond with the system will be loosened but the chain will be there. So don't ignore anyone in that chain - because every particle is useful in a system.

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