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Can you treat your company as your family?

by Kaushik Dey ( Editor - Corporate Blog )

Well, the answer is with you. But first of all, you need to understand the fundament of a family.

A family means where people stay together, share their thoughts and problems and most importantly protect each other. Nowadays there is a vital/viral concept of gathering people in a company and treat them as ( at least call them ) FAMILY.

Let me share a story on this.

One of my friend worked in a very peaceful company. The management of that company treated him as their family member. Whatever problem my friend faced, that company helped him every time. My friend was in sales.

After few years I suddenly met that friend in a pub and got to know that he lost his job. Why? He told me that he failed to meet his target month after month and then his management asked him to leave. Currently, he is working in another professional company where he thinks he is in a better position rather than the previous company.

There are some companies who try to create a bond of emotion by saying 'It is our family' whereas if you go ask them to -

increase the yearly leave from 25 to 32 days


give you a performance bonus every month


increase the mediclaim from 2 lacs to 4 lacs

then the real face of the so-called Family management will show up and note my word, you will be fired after this ( indirectly).

It's better not to involve this emotional game with this kind of company.

I am a professional employee. I am giving my time, my energy, and my experience to your company. In return, I am getting my salary. That's it.

Don't spoil the career of an employee by saying that he is your family member. It's just a big JOKE, which employees also understand and stay with the company by acting like a family member rather than being a real one. It's better to say, if you want to grow with us then be professional and be productive.

Whatever a company does ( like events / get together / outing etc.) there is a marking interest of that company and I believe, they should do that for employee engagement, and also they should have their marketing interest in those events. Then why this companies are saying that you all are my family or we are a family. Are we really doing this kind of activity in our family to gain interest?

The answer is NO. We never even think about doing so.

If a company tries to bring a corporate culture then it would be far better to enhance their employee's confidence and productivity. Employees are looking for recognition and proper guideline in their workplace. The environment should be open so that people can express their thoughts to their seniors.

No one wants to get a family in their company. They want a good work atmosphere, good policies, and most importantly a commendable system by which he will gain some experience which he can add to his career.

As an employer, you are bound to give a salary to your employees and you are not doing any charity by doing this. There is only one relationship that can sustain in a company which is GIVE and TAKE policy.

It will be better for those companies to be a professional institute rather than making a fool of their employees by saying FAMILY. Because everyone knows that they have only one family who has no belief in give and take policy like the practical world and that's why they are the real FAMILY.

So don't be an emotional fool and act as a professional employee which will help you to enhance your career path.

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