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Christina Evers

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Born in a Man's body with the soul of a woman,felt captured in a cage. Society was never open to accept this Human, always ready to give a different name. I've been working with corporate sectors for the last 18 years, currently working as a Training manager and a Goodwill officer at Tier5. I've been born and brought up in Kolkata in an Anglo Indian family, where family respect has always been above Human Life.
Fighting for my identity with the society.


Rupanwita Roy

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Hi readers! Thank you for peeping through my profile. 
Well, I am not an exciting person. Rather,  I am a plain jane. So plain that I concentrate on the day to day lives, and surprisingly, always find love, happiness and positivity around the nook & corner. Marketer by profession and solo traveler by passion, I like to experience the world with open heart and arms...
Let us embark on this journey together, Amigos!


Sainee Poddar

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With a professional experience of around 6 years in the field of content writing, Sainee has got the opportunity to work for companies across various industry verticals. Being a passionate reader, an ardent music enthusiast, and a hopeless overthinker, she is more of an ambivert. She believes being a good listener is important to be a good communicator and is often addressed by her friends and peers as their 'Agony aunt'. She was born and brought up in Asansol, mainly known as an industrial town and currently stays in Kolkata. As an old school soul, she never fails to find happiness in the little things of life and perhaps, that's what keeps her get going even after an awfully rough day.