What is Corporate Blog ?

Corporate Blog is a website where people write their thoughts and experiences about their social calamities and professional challenges. These articles or blogs are dedicated to the market so that people will get advice and suggestions from our writings .

How to become a member of Corporate Bolg ?

If you want to become our corporate writer then you need to send at least 2 articles on any subject ( apart from political and regional ) to our editor - Kaushik Dey at editorcorporateblog@gmail.com

If your article is shortlisted by our editor then you will get an invitation to become our member. The member should have a LinkedIn profile. If your blog gets the most view among all writers then you will get a certificate along with a gift - quarterly. 

Should I have to pay anything to be a member ?

You need not pay anything to become a member and also you will not get any monitory benefit by writing in Corporate Blog. This website is a non-profit zone and the main objective of this website is to create market awareness through various writings.

Will I get any topic from the editor to write?

All topics will be yours. There will be no boundary of topics to write on this website. Apart from political and regional, you can write any articles on any topic or subject. The word limit will be 1500.

Are there any additional benefits?

Corporate Blog is not been designed to earn benefits from the market rather advising the market on how to get benefits and also compete for the challenges. Writers who have vast experience in society and the market will deliver their knowledge in the market through their writhings via Corporate Blog. All of their writings will be published on social media.