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Kaushik Dey, a blogger, and writer has two decades of experience in Human Resource and market research. Loves to create market awareness regarding corporate understanding and development.

Editor and Founder of one major Bengali magazine ( Sahiiter Sondhane ) where national and international writers send their valuable writings to publish.

Kaushik Dey is also a corporate communicator, advisor, and market researcher. He has participated in different corporate seminars and shared his speech regarding the current market status of, Human Resource Department.

Currently, he is working as Senior Manager - Admin, Operations, and HR at DigitalSherpa.AI 


It has been seen that many people have so many ideas and knowledge but they do not get a perfect platform to express their thoughts. It has been also observed that many of us have fear and hesitation to speak out our experience about our life and also our professional challenges. 

Corporate Blog is the platform for those people . This platform will publish those words and thoughts which no one dare to publish . Here people are free to share their opinion through article writing and also these people will break the so called market principle.